Pembrokeshire County Council is committed to providing a website that is accessible to a wide range of users, and work continually to improve our services and content.

This site has been designed with accessibility in mind taking in to consideration various web standards and government guidelines.

Access keys

Pembrokeshire County Council's website supports access keys.

Access keys are designed to help users who may have difficulty in using pointing devices. The following are available on this site:

1 - Pembrokeshire home page - What's New
2 - Press Releases
3 - Site Map
4 - Search
7 - Complaints Procedure
8 - Terms and Conditions, includes disclaimer and copyright statement
9 - Feedback Form
0 - Access Key details (this page)

At the time of writing the following browsers support access keys:

Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4: hold ALT down and press the key.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and above: hold ALT down and press the key, then press ENTER.
Netscape Navigator 7 and Firefox, Mozilla : hold ALT down and press the key.
Opera: Hold down the Shift key and press Escape, release both keys, then press the number of the accesskey

Apple Macintosh (OS X and OS 9)
Safari: hold CONTROL down and press the key.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and above: hold CONTROL down and press the key.
Firefox, Mozilla: Hold down the CTRL key and press the number of the access key

Text Size

For people who find the information difficult to read it is possible to change the size of the text on most web browsers.

Internet explorer

Go to the ‘view’ option on the top menu bar and select ‘text size’ and the size best suited.

Netscape and Fire Fox.

Select ‘View’ on the top menu bar then scroll down to ‘Text Size’ and choose ‘Increase’. Or you can use the shortcut by holding Ctrl and pressing ++. Or Command and + on Mac.


Select ‘View’ on the top menu bar then zoom and choose a Percentage %. Or just press + or 0 on the keyboard, Command and + on Mac.


Select ‘View’ on the top menu bar then select ‘Make Text Bigger’.

Alternative Text for Images.

For every image that is used on the page we also give an alternative text description of the image. This is helpful when using screen readers such as Jaws, but also to people who have not chosen to display images in their browsers.


A PDF is a type of electronic document and has been used by Many organizations and government internationally. Advantages for this format are that it can be displayed and printed on many platforms, by using a free viewing program which can be downloaded at the Adobe Web Site (opens new window). The information contained also remains un-editable after publication therefore protecting the integrity of the document.

Viewing a PDF

To view a PDF you need to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader which is free program available from the Adobe Web Site (opens new window).

Converting a PDF into a webpage.

If for some reason you need to view a PDF as a webpage file then there is a conversion tool at To use this copy the link that leads to the PDF you wish to view. In Internet Explorer right click on the link and select “Copy Shortcut”, or using the keyboard Tab to the link and press Ctrl, Shift and F10. It is then the 7th option down on that menu.

After you have selected that go to the Adobe Conversion Tool and paste it into the box labeled ‘URL’. Fill in the other details needed then click the convert button.


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