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Welcome to Lunch with Lennie

Welcome to the Kids Section

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Fun and Games

Lennie wants to make sure you have lots of fun when you're visiting him, so Lennie’s helpers have put together lots of fun activities for you to try.

Test your nutritional knowledge with our fun quiz, or be a food detective with Lennie's fruit and vegetable guessing game…

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Facts About Food

Did you know that 70% of the body is made up of water? Which means you should drink between 8-10 cups a day!

Find out some more interesting and fun food facts by clicking here!

Remember: Some of these facts might help you complete some of the tasks/activities in Lennie's site – so get reading!


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Things to do

This section is all about things for you to do at home or in school.

You could put on your chef's hat and cook up some healthy eating recipes for you and your family, or you could record how healthy/ active you are in a week by using our downloadable activity sheets.

Lennie says ‘Go on give it a try.’

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Ask Lennie a Question

Would you like to ask Lennie a question?

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